Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

My Earth Day Challenge - A Two Week Commitment

April 22, 2012 is the 42st anniversary of Earth Day. After forty years of picking up trash, recycling and planting trees, it’s time to step it up a notch. If we are truly interested in controlling our pollution, let’s talk about the root of the problem. 

Consider the pollution associated with the manufacturing, use, disposal and even recycling of plastic products. Industry starts the pollution process by manufacturing the bottles, but who creates the demand for the product in the first place? Who supports the polluters? Who buys their products?

Consumer demand is the root cause of many of the planet's environmental problems. Once we recognize that relationship we begin to realize that our individual decisions have an impact on our environment. Furthermore we realize that we can be part of the solution.

This year I’m asking you to think about the power you have as a consumer and take responsibility for your daily consumption. If you support our planet, then show your support by what you bring, or what you don't bring to the checkout counter. I created this earth day challenge to get you started. The rules are simple. There are only two.

1. I shall not accept NEW plastic shopping bags from ANY retail establishment.

2. I shall not consume single serve beverages served in plastic or Styrofoam containers.

Are you ready?